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College of Commerce, Arts and Science, Patna (est. 1949) is a constituent unit of Patliputra University, Patna, established in 1949 is one of the oldest colleges of Patna and is known for imparting quality undergraduate and postgraduate education.

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It was established in 1949 by Pt. Indu Shekhar Jha on the advice of Dr. Rajendra Prasad. We are one of the oldest academic institutions in Patna. We strive to keep the legacy of our ancestors alive by imparting values, knowledge, and wisdom to our Students.


  Intermediate Internal Examination Programme (XI th Class )-2022   Click Here

  Notice for LL.B, PART-I (1st Cut off List) Session: 2021-2022   Click Here

  Notice for P.G. (Sem-II, III & IV) Regular Examination Form Submission (Start date:- 04.04.2022)   Click Here

  Notice for P.G ( Regular & Vocational) Session- 2021-23 Document Verification Date Extended   Click Here

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   Notice for U.G (Regular)  Part-2 (Session: 2020-23)  and  Part-3 (Session: 2019-22) Click Here

   Notice For U.G.(Regular) Session:- 2021- 24 (B.A, B.Sc, B.Com) Part-1 Registration Form Submission (Date: 10.01.2022 to 05.02.2022) Click Here

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   Notice for Intermediate Registration (Session:- 2021-23) Start Date:- 04.12.2021 to 18.12.2021 Click Here

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  Notice for U.G (Session: 2018-21) Part-3 and (Session: 2019-22) Part-2 Admission Form (Re-Open) Date:- 16.11.2021 to 21.11.2021 Click Here

  Notice For Intermediate Exam Form (Session- 2020-22) Click Here

  Intermediate Programme for the Sent-Up Examination (XII) 2021 Click Here

  U.G(Vocational) Admission Instruction (Session:-2021-2024) click here Click Here

  Intermediate Document Verification and Graduation Document Verification dated exteded 25.10.2021

Updated On :- 18.10.2021

  Graduate and Intermediate Document Verification date extended 10.10.2021

Updated On :- 06.10.2021

   Notice For Under-Graduate (Regular) Course Documents Verification (Session :- 2021-2024) Click Here

Updated On :- 14.09.2021

   Notice for Intermediate Documents Verification (Session 2021-2023) Click Here

Updated On :- 07.09.2021

   Regarding Registration year 2020 Portal Re-Open UG and PG for Traditional and Vocational Courses Click Here

Updated On :- 01.09.2021

   Under-Graduate Admission Instructions (Session- 2021-2024) Click Here

Updated On :- 25.08.2021

   Intermediate Admission Instructions (Session- 2021-23) Click Here

Updated On :- 23.08.2021

   Notice for P.G. (Sem-I, II & III) Regular and U.G (Part- III) Regular, Examination Form Submission (Start date:- 25.08.2021) Click Here

Updated On :- 23.08.2021

  Notice for U.G (Session: 2018-21) Part-3 and (Session: 2019-22) Part-2 Admission Form (Re-Open) Click Here

Updated On :- 25.08.2021

   Notice for Under-Graduate (Regular Course) Examination Form Submission- Part-1 (Session- 2020-23) Start date:- 20.07.2021 Click Here

Updated On :- 21.07.2021

   Vaccination Center Open (12/07/2021 to 14/07/2021) Click Here

Updated On :- 12.07.2021

   Intermediate Registration (Session:- 2020-22) Re-Start ( Dated- 09.07.21 to 15.07.21)  Click Here

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Late Fine:- (Date :- 04.08.2021 to 08.08.2021) Click Here
Updated On :- 04.08.2021

Updated On :- 14.06.2021

  Notice for P.G. (Regular+Vocational) & U.G.(Vocational) Document Verification (Start) Date :- 26.02.2021 To 15.03.2021 Click Here

  Notice for P.G. (Regular+Vocational) & U.G (Vocational) Admission Form – 2020 Click Here

  Notice for P.G. 3rd Semester Admission (Session:- 2018-2020) Click Here

Graduation Document Verification date extended – 5th November, 2020 to 25th January, 2021(Session – 2020-23) Click Here