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A Constituent Unit of Patliputra University, Patna

स्थापित - 1949

NAAC Re-Accredited

With Grade-A | CGPA of 3.10/4

List of cell@COCAS

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Prof. Rashmi Akhoury (Department of Economics)- Convenor


Cultural Council

Prof. (Dr.) Kirti (Department of Psychology) – Convenor


Sports Society

Dr. K. B. Padmdeo (Department of Commerce) – Convenor


Language Lab

Dr. Aditi (Department of English) – Co-ordinator


Student’s Grievance Redressal Cell

Dr. S. N. Yadav, (Department of Chemistry)- Convenor


Research and Development Cell

Prof. Jaimangal Deo (Department of Psychology) – Convenor


Counselling Cell

Dr. Pranay Kumar Gupta (Department of Psychology)- Convenor


Gender Sensitization Cell

Dr. Rachna Suchinmayee (Department of Political Science) – Convenor


Yoga and Meditation Cell

Dr. A. K. Bhaskar (Department of Physics) – Convenor


Day Care Centre

Dr. Rashmi Kumari (Department of Zoology) – Convenor


Curriculum Development and Enrichment Cell

Prof. (Dr.) Arvind Adityaraj  (Department of Political Science) – Convenor


Differently Abled Care Cell

Dr. Anand Murti Pandey (Comm. Dept.) – Convenor


Gandhi Arth Parishad

H.O.D., Economics (Ex-officio), Convenor,

Mr. Sanjay Kumar Pandey (Department of Economics) -  Co-Convenor


All India Survey of Higher Education (AISHE)

Prof. (Dr.) Pravin Kumar (Department of Economics)- Convenor


Sehat Kendra

Dr. Smita Kumari (Department of Chemistry) – Nodal Officer


SC/ST Cell

Dr. Manju Kumari (Department of Maithili)- Convenor

Dr. Ajay Kumar (Department of Hindi) - Co-Convenor


Publication & Documentation Cell

Dr. Santosh Kumar (Department of Physics)– Convenor

Dr. Anita Sagar (Department of Physics) – Co-Convenor


UGC Cell

Dr. Ayan Mukherjee (Department of Physics) - Coordinator


I.P.R Cell

Prof. A.K. Bhaskar - Convenor