Prof. Tapan Kumar Shandilya

Principal – College of Commerce, Arts & Science, Patna

Principal’s Message:

College of Commerce, Arts and Science, Patna is a NAAC Re-accredited Grade ‘A’ college under Patliputra University. The college was established in 1949 with a pious motive to make quality education accessible for aspiring youths without any discrimination based on socio-cultural-economic grounds. After the journey of more than seven decades this institution has achieved its mission and vision to a greater extent for which it was established and it is a matter of satisfaction that today this institution is acclaimed throughout the state for its high academic standards. Vibrant and effective presence of our alumni all over the world at key positions in almost all spheres of life is a testimony of its successful journey. College Of Commerce, Arts and Science is opportune to have a galaxy of faculties who command a rare distinction in academic excellence and whose accomplishments in academia are appreciated universally. College Of Commerce, Arts and Science, Patna dare claims to set new yardsticks in Bihar as far as quality research and teaching is concerned. Despite certain limitations beyond the college domain like space constraint, proper playground, etc.  our students have excelled in various sports streams at different levels. No matter whether it is NCC or NSS or any other wing, this college has proven its worth.

This college has excellent infrastructure with automated central library linked to world-wide free information flows and databases, well equipped laboratories and congenial and natural campus ambience and classrooms. However, the volume of publication in peer reviewed journals with high impact factor and citation index is moderate but the quality of research is of course worth citing. College administration is trying its best to catch it soon and increase the volume of research too. Teaching and research in all faculties Science, Arts, Humanities, Commerce and Law are available up to PG level. About 14 vocational and add-on courses are being run in College of Commerce, Arts and Science, Patna. The college hopes to commensurate to the national standard in teaching as well as in research.

Our institution visions to develop an educational set up to bring out a transformative change in the society by nurturing high moral and spiritual values in students, giving quality education in multiple disciplines, empowering the society through knowledge and quality research and fostering creativity and entrepreneurship in students and in this way making students a capable global citizen.

All the stakeholders are working hard with full commitment with a mission to develop and maintain a human repository of knowledge, disseminating it among the students and creating new and relevant insights in diverse disciplines through state of art research.

Our esteemed institution aims to inculcate positive human values in its students and making them capable global citizens sensitive to human and environmental issues and at the same time quality professionals in their respective fields.